How a Cup of Hot Coffee Can Treat Asthma Naturally

By : By Johnson Star

Asthma is known as one of the chronic diseases that many people around the world suffer from. There are many ways in which asthma can be treated. It can be through doctor's prescription or by alternative asthma treatments such as natural treatments. Alternative asthma treatments are those that are used without the help of drugs.

Most alternative asthma treatments are done at home and is much cheaper compared to buying medicines or drugs. One good example of this is by drinking a cup of hot coffee. The major symptom of asthma is having trouble in breathing because of narrowed airways due to inflammation.

Coffee has a substance called caffeine which is found to dilate bronchial tubes and opens up airways for better breathing. Caffeine is known to be chemically similar to asthma drugs and has been used to treat asthma. It is related to theophylline which is an old-fashioned asthma drug. Numerous studies have shown the positive effect of coffee as an asthma treatment.

As we all know, drinking a cup of coffee is one of many people's daily routine. It is usually done during the morning or the afternoon. But we should also take in consideration that too much drinking of coffee can also be bad for our health.

Many people have tried this kind of alternative asthma treatment when they feel that asthma symptoms are starting to come out, and it worked pretty well for them. But of course it is not applicable to everyone because maybe caffeine is not what they need in order to relieve their symptoms.

Be sure that you also don't have an allergic reaction to coffee or to any substances that it has because it will just lead to an allergy attack and might as well trigger your asthma and make it severe. Before deciding to take this kind of alternative asthma treatment, always see to it that you first consult with your doctor and ask for advice whether it can be good for you or not.


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