Lose Weight by One Simple Step

By Ben Lynch

The biggest thing I've noticed while in clinical rotation? People want to lose weight. Of course.

After asking a bit of their eating habits - there tends to be a common error in their eating habits.

They eat their biggest meal at night.

This is a major weight gainer. Why? What do you do at night? Sleep. Metabolism is slow and calories are not burnt. Where do the calories go? To storage. Storage is fat once glycogen stores are filled in the body.

Glycogen stores are replenished quickly if one is not exercising.

So, in order to help prevent fat from appearing on your sides, eat your biggest meal at lunch.

This way there is enough time in the day where your metabolism is clicking away. If you exercise, then the benefit is even larger.

What to do at dinner? Eat complex carbohydrates - fiber. Salads are excellent. The increased fiber in salads make you full so you won't want more. The trick with salads though is one tends to add a ton of salad dressing. Avoid this desire. Try to pick juicy red tomatoes, lemons, nice balsamic vinegar instead.

Avoid high protein, high fat, high simple carbohydrate dinners. Aim for high fiber dinners.

I eat my salads dry 90% of the time. Sounds crazy but they taste really good. Pick organic veggies if you can.

Point is simply: Do not eat late and avoid large meals after 1pm.

Benjamin Lynch has a BS degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington. Currently, he is obtaining his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. Visit Ben's natural health product store, HealthE Goods where one can use our free health information service where one may ask specific health questions


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